Can you replace part of a roof?

In most cases, we recommend homeowners opt for a full new roof if approximately half of the roof is damaged. That said, there are some cost-saving options if you fear your budget won't support an entirely new roof. See our blog on removable roofs vs. overlapping roofs for more information there.

While you can replace only half of a roof, roofing experts don't recommend it. Some homeowners may consider it a cheaper option, or think it saves time. From an expert's point of view, replacing half of the roof often causes more damage (or expense) than good. If the damaged area is small and limited to a single section of the roof, you may be able to replace one section.

This isn't always an ideal strategy and it doesn't even save you money. Roofing materials are sold in bulk, and matching the color of a tile several years after its installation can be tricky. While it can replace half a roof, and some roofers will, many experts agree that it's generally a bad idea for your home. This may seem like a good option, especially if half of the roof is in good condition and the other is not.

When deciding whether or not to replace the entire roof, you'll also want to consider what the final product will look like. Even if you manage to find shingles of the same color, they won't exactly match how old tiles will still look more worn and worn out. If you don't mind that your roof doesn't blend perfectly, then a partial replacement may work. However, if your roof is visible and you want it to look cosmetically cohesive, it may be necessary to completely replace the roof with a new set of shingles.

In the end, if your roof only needs to replace a few shingles or do some minor patches, you can hire a roofer to do those small repairs for you. If only parts of the roof are damaged, it is possible to replace only the affected area, but this may not be a good idea. Since money, time, or labor is rarely saved, most homeowners choose not to replace a sectional roof. If you have a leak or other minor damage, the good news is that you probably won't have to replace half of the roof and you can partially fix it.

If the damage is widespread or if your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, you may need to replace it completely. Know when you may need a full or partial roof replacement and what could happen if you make the wrong decision. Many roofing problems are possible when replacing one section at a time, most contractors advise against doing so. If you don't get the full roof replacement you need, moisture may continue to seep into your home, leading to mold growth and bigger problems in the future.

We can help you find the best solution to replace lost shingles while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your roof. By replacing half of your roof, you don't get the warranty protection you expect after investing in a replacement. If there was a storm or periods of strong winds and you lost some shingles, the roof probably won't need to be repaired or replaced on a large scale. If the damaged area is large, you may not save money or time by limiting the amount of roof replacement that is performed.

When damage occurs (it will), you will have to think carefully about whether you want to undergo a full or partial roof replacement. I understand that everyone has a limited budget, and trying to save money by replacing half of the roof may seem like a good idea.

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