How do you protect gutters when replacing roof?

We also use jacks, and a piece of 1X6 board works great for keeping gutters protected. This depends on the slope of your roof. Ideally, gutters should be removed during the roofing process. According to roofing experts, removing gutters gives you a better understanding of the extent of potential roof problems.

In addition, with the gutters turned off, you can install the roof properly with drip edge flashings and seal the edges cleanly. While it is usually best to install a new gutter system after the roof, sometimes this is not possible. If your gutters are damaged or ineffective, you may have no other option but to install them before your new roofing system. In this case, it is best to have protection built into the contract with the contractor so that your gutters are protected.

Even if you're buying new gutters with roof replacement, there's no need to remove the old ones until it's time to replace them. If the roofing equipment intends to leave the gutters on, they will clean them before and after the roofing process. Once the roof is done, the gutter installation team will come in and reposition the downspout and gutter in place to properly fit the new roof. Your gutter and roof replacement contractor would strongly recommend installing a gutter guard on your system to prevent debris from entering the system.

After replacing the roof, they will even blow everything and clean the gutters, regardless of whether they are going to be replaced or not. In many modern homes with beautiful and intricate roof lines, there isn't enough gutter to handle all the water flowing from the roof. The Bill Ragan Roofing Company team has been providing Nashville and the surrounding area with high-quality gutter and roofing services since 1990. Some gutter installers prefer to place a dashboard board under the roof and attach the gutters to the board rather than directly to the roof.

Workers are also very likely to damage gutters when carrying materials from roof to roof. The gutters surrounding your Billings roof may not seem to do much, but they actually play a huge role in helping protect your roof from some of the most common problems that can occur when water isn't properly channeled away from shingles. Gutter cleaning helps personnel detect potential problems with roof edge sealing or structural damage that has already occurred that may affect the roofing process.

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