A Guide To Roof Replacement In Leicester: What To Do When Its Time To Replace Your Roof

Every homeowner in Leicester knows the importance of a good roof. A roof protects your home and family from the elements and can add value to your property. But like all things, roofs don’t last forever. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. This article will provide an overview of roof replacement in Leicester and some tips to help you prepare for the job.

How To Know When It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Knowing when it's time to replace your roof can help you avoid major damage to your house and costly repairs. Here are some signs that indicate it may be time for a new roof.


The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is around 20 years. If your roof is over this age and you are seeing signs of wear and tear, it may be time for a replacement.

Curling or missing shingles

If you notice that the shingles on your roof are curling or missing, it could be a sign that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.


If you’re experiencing major damage to your roof, such as leaks or large holes, it is likely time for a new roof.

Granule loss

If you notice granules from asphalt shingles collecting in the gutters and downspouts, it’s likely that your roof is past its prime and needs to be replaced.

Excessive blistering

If you notice blisters or bumps on the surface of your shingles, it could be a sign that the protective materials are degrading, which means it's time for a new roof.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Roof Replaced

Getting your roof replaced comes with many benefits. The following are some of the most notable ones.

Improved energy efficiency

A new roof can help reduce overall energy usage in your home, as it helps to better insulate against the elements.

Protection from the elements

Having a new roof installed also provides extra protection against rain, snow, wind, and hail. A well-installed roof can help keep heat out during hot summer days as well as help keep cold air out during the winter.

Increased property value

Replacing your roof is an excellent way to increase your home’s resale value. Home buyers are usually willing to pay more for a house with a recently replaced, high-quality roof.

Improved aesthetics

A new roof can also significantly improve the overall look of your home, making it more attractive from the outside. It can also add to the overall “curb appeal” of your property, making it stand out in a crowd.

Added safety

Replacing your roof can also help to make sure that you and your family are safe. A new roof helps provide increased protection against falling debris, water leaks, and other potential risks.

As long as you hire a qualified roofing contractor like Leicester Roofing Services to do the job, you can rest assured that your new roof will be of great quality and provide you with many years of protection and comfort.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Leicester Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Replacement

When it comes to choosing a Leicester roofing contractor for your roof replacement, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Licensing and insurance

This will protect you from liability in case of any accidents or damage that occurs during the roof replacement process.


Ask for references, check customer reviews online and make sure they have an established history of successful roofing projects.


The price you pay for a Leicester roofing contractor should be competitive, but it is also important to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

How To Find A Roofing Contractor In Leicester That Specializes In Roof Replacement

When it comes to finding a roofing contractor in Leicester that specializes in roof replacement, there are a few ways to go about it.

To start, you can ask around for recommendations from friends and family who have recently had roofing work done. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reliable contractor.

And if none of your contacts knows of a contractor in the area, you can always look online. Search for "Roofers Leicester" or "Leicester Roof Replacement" on your preferred search engine, and it will more than likely generate a list of local roofers in your area. From there, you can check out their websites and social media accounts to get a better understanding of the quality of their work.

Finally, if all else fails, you can contact the local roofing association or professional trade body to ask for advice. They will be able to provide you with a list of recommended contractors in Leicester that specialize in roof replacement.

Why It Is Important To Hire A Professional Roofing Contractor To Replace Your Roof

Replacing a roof is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire a professional roofing contractor to carry out this critical task. Here are the reasons why.

Expertise and experience

Professional roofers have the expertise and experience to handle any type of roofing job. They know how to properly install the materials, as well as what types of materials are best for your specific project.


Roofing is a dangerous job and should only be carried out by experienced professionals. Hiring a professional roofer ensures that your project is completed safely and efficiently.

Quality workmanship

Professional roofers provide quality workmanship that stands the test of time. With their experience and knowledge, they are able to install roofs that will last for many years.

What To Expect During The Roof Replacement Process

Knowing what to expect during the roof replacement process is key to understanding how it will affect your home. Here are some of the steps involved.

Preparation and inspections

Before any work begins, a roofing contractor will need to do an inspection of the existing roof. This helps them identify any damage or areas of concern that need to be addressed before replacing the roof.

Removal of old roof material

Once all preparations have been made, the old roofing material will be removed. This can be a messy and noisy process, so it’s important to clear out any outdoor furniture or other items in the area that could be affected by this process.

Installation of new roof material

Once all the old material has been removed, new roofing materials will be installed. Depending on the type of roofing material being used, this could involve laying shingles or tiles, installing metal sheets, or laying felt.

Final inspections and clean-up

When all new materials have been installed, a final inspection will be done to ensure everything looks good. Any debris that remains from the installation process will then be cleaned up and removed.

How To Maintain Your New Roof To Ensure It Lasts For Many Years 

Maintaining a new roof is important to ensure that it lasts for many years. To keep your roof in top shape and prolong its life, the following tips should be followed.

Inspect your roof regularly

Make sure to inspect your roof regularly for any signs of damage, wear and tear, or other issues that may need to be addressed. This will help you identify potential problems early on before they become major issues.

Remove debris

Leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on your roof over time, which can lead to damage and deterioration. It is important to remove any debris that has accumulated on your roof in order to prevent further damage.

Trim overhanging branches

Branches from nearby trees can rub against the shingles of your roof, causing wear and tear over time. To prevent this, make sure you trim any branches that are hanging over your roof.

Clean your gutters

Make sure to regularly check and clean your gutters to prevent any blockages or other issues that could cause water damage to your roof. By doing this, you will ensure that water is able to properly flow away from your roof, preventing any further damage.

Contact A Roofing Contractor In Leicester

A roof replacement project is no small undertaking, however, with the right planning and a qualified roofing contractor doing the work, the end result should be a solid and reliable roof that will protect your home for years to come.

If you're in Leicester and are looking for a roofing contractor to help you with your project, contact Leicester Roofing Services. They have years of experience working with clients in Leicester and the surrounding area, providing reliable and quality services. Their experienced team can help ensure that your new roof is installed properly and will last for many years to come. Contact them to learn more.

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